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Create a `Smashwords` folder on your computer .

Find the book you want , click on its title

scroll down to download choices

click `mobi` Kindle download .

Send it to your folder .

Plug in Kindle via the USB .

Open `Documents` folder on kindle and copy book into this .

Books loaded directly onto Kindle will need to be backed up .

Multiple different downloads can be done for other devices .

Keep an eye out for `Freebie` threads which will have a coupon code allowing you a free download when the code is added at checkout .
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Mr. Glen Allen says:
If you don't have the kindle compatible version of the ebook, try to get a DRM free PDF version and email it to your kindle account with the word convert in the subject line of the email. Amazon will freely and kindly copnvert it to a kindle freindly version for you. I have done this with a number of Smashword books and it works a treat.
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P. Bennett says:
Well, there's clever for you! I have just discovered that to enter the coupon code (for those who also don't know what to do) you have to click to buy the book. This is when the coupon option comes up. Put the coupon number in and the book is free! Simples
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Science_Geek says:
Sorry if you know this already but I have only just discovered this very cool fact. If I buy something from Smashwords, not only can I download the mobi version for my kindle but also any other format (very handy as I also have a Sony Pocket reader now, mainly for library books).
How amazing is that? It means that Smashwords operate more like buying a paperback book where, once you have paid for it, you can basically give it to anyone to read
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Maria Schneider says:
Also, even if you are only downloading freebies--you do the author a favor if you tell others about it and have them download it (rather than give it away.) Rankings matter to authors. Reviews matter to authors. The downloads tell us whether anyone wants the books or not and we can actually see a download for each type you download. If you give it away, the ranking doesn't change and the book does not get pushed up to where it might be noticed.
Just FYI.
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Steven Morris says:
hi. yeah I'm a fan of this site. the multi-format thing is brilliant for me. I am blind and the text to speach programme on my computer (a screen reader to give it its propper name) has a better voice than the kindle so I can download on to my computer in whatever format i like and read it there.
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